Aquaprofit - ASC

Water Recycling Plant Which Can Be Installed Inside Your Washing Area Itself!


  • Prefabricated
  • Compact Size
  • Save per Square Foot of Space Cost
  • Zero Discharge
  • Cut Water Bill
  • Energy Efficient
  • Inline With Pollution Norms
  • Easy To Operate, Easy To Maintain
  • Without Chemical Dosing Option Available
  • Recycle Washing Water, Save Potable Water
  • Compact Design, Can Be Fitted Inside Washing Area Itself


Lesser Footprint Area

Aquaprofit – ASC is specially designed for Automobile Service Stations, where space restriction is critical parameter.
It is designed in such a way, so that it can accommodate in smaller area without compromising the performance.
To achieve these Aquaprofit – ASC utilize latest state of the arts technologies, which normally used in bigger & complicated plants.
Aquaprofit - ASC can be easily installed inside your washing area!

Fast & Easy Installation

Aquaprofit – ASC is prefabricated and required only two underground tanks, typically of size 1000 liters each (recommended).
Due to advance design of Aquaprofit - ASC, in case of special requirement, it is possible to install it at the locations, where underground tanks are not feasible.
Even for the existing set-ups Aquaprofit - ASC can be fitted inside your washing bay itself, thanks to the compact design of Aquaprofit - ASC.
It is skid mounted and fit on foundation bolts, as soon as other components in place, Aquaprofit – ASC is ready for treating wastewater for recycling.

Easy Maintenance

Aquaprofit – ASC is designed to operate for years and hence incorporated features which are easy to maintain.
Aquaprofit – ASC is easy to maintain and, there are hardly any maintenance on daily basis except taking readings to monitor the performance and sludge transfer from Roughing Filter / Settler by opening a valve for a few minutes.
Aquaprofit – ASC will require to backwash the system once every week, which is as simple as opening & closing of a few valves and start & stop the backwash pump.

Easy Operation

The Aquaprofit – ASC comes into two variant.
The first, Chemical Free Variant Aquaprofit - ASC - CF is automatic in operation and do not require any chemicals to treat the water.
The second variant, Aquaprofit - ASC - CD, which is chemical dosing based is also require minimum operational requirement, i.e. limited to put chemicals & water in dosing tank as per given instructions.
There is no special operation involved on daily basis.

Modular Design

Aquaprofit – ASC is designed on modular construction.
The Chemical Free Variant, Aquaprofit – ASC - CF is available in 2000 LPD, 3000 LPD & 4000 LPD modules.
The Chemical Dosing Variant, Aquaprofit – ASC - CD is available in 2000 LPD, 3000 LPD, 4000 LPD & 6000 LPD modules.
Aquaprofit – ASC can be installed based on present requirement, without any worry for future expansions. More modules can be added at any time later to increase the capacity, without any major changes.


ParameterAquaprofit – ASCConventional ETP
Automatic Operation
Semi-Automatic Maintenance
Chemical Free (Optional)
Lesser Footprint
Energy Efficient
Faster Installation
Easy Maintenance
Easy Operation
Least Civil Construction
Water Recycle

Standard Module (Dimensions)

Aquaprofit - ASC - CD :: Chemical Dosing Variant
Width (W)
Length (L)
Height (H)
2000 500 1200 2500
3000 500 1600 2500
4000 500 2000 2500
6000 600 2500 2500
Aquaprofit - ASC - CF :: Chemical Free Variant
Width (W)
Length (L)
Height (H)
2000 500 1600 2500
3000 500 2000 2500
4000 600 2500 2500

Component : Aquaprofit-ASC

Roughing Filter/Settler
Oil Interceptor
MBBR, Aeration
Sand Filter
Activated Carbon Filter


Typical Installation of Aquaprofit-ASC

Image Gallery

Comparision of 30 Days Recycled Water (Right) with Fresh Water (Left)
An Installation at Service Station

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